Martin Forman at SlidesLive: Connecting Clients Across the Globe

3 min readMay 12, 2021

After working with SlidesLive for nine months as a production manager, Martin Forman discusses his time adjusting to the workflow. However, Martin hasn’t always been involved in the video production industry. Spending much of his life as a floorball coach, Martin didn’t have much experience with production before SlidesLive.

“I have always been interested in organizing events besides coaching,” Martin said. “But recently I became more and more interested in movie making and I really wanted to get a closer look at the whole environment around cameras.”

Martin incorporated his passion for managing and organizing into his career and ended up finding a position in the production world of SlidesLive. After working with the company for only nine months, Martin has picked up on the fast paced environment of the video production industry.

“Production manager is responsible for more or less everything,” Martin said. “In case anything goes wrong, you have to dig deeper into what happened, and it’s always a production manager problem. It’s your responsibility to manage the whole team and if someone is not doing their best, then you probably shouldn’t have chosen him/her for the particular job. You are the one running the show. I like that very much, it’s thrilling and engaging.

But there’s much more to the position of production manager than just solving issues at the event. There’s a ton of work that needs to be done before to make sure SlidesLive is pleasing the client. With a set plan and schedule, production managers make sure that the event runs smoothly on the big day.

“I really love the workflow,” Martin says. “Putting the team together, exchanging emails with schedules/programmes, planning and talking details with the client and in the end, the adrenalin during the live event is just something special. I like to go the extra mile which the client usually appreciates during the evaluation.”

Because Martin began working with SlidesLive during the pandemic, he has learned a lot about the virtual world of event planning from his small office in Prague. Although live events are a great experience for production managers, virtual events are special in their own way.

“Virtual events are incredible in the way that you can connect people from all around the world and do it from Prague,” Martin says. “It’s just incredible how big you can go and how much you can manage from one tiny office.”

While working from his small office, Martin has been able to get to know his SlidesLive coworkers, and he’s been impressed by how quickly his teammates are able to adapt and learn from one another.

“SlidesLive has a young, ambitious, handy and skillful team of smart people,” Martin said. “You don’t know how to do this? You have to get to know how to do it and rather fast! Workshop for this? Bam, you’re a streamer. You don’t know this? Bang, find out next week. You have to be open to new things and be able to learn new skills all the time.”

Martin fits in well with his team of fast learners, and it’s been less than a year since joining. SlidesLive has been able to adjust to the virtual world because of this ambitious and flexible team, and there’s always new technology to offer.




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