SlidesLive’s New Library: Eternal Vaulting

Why eternal vaulting?

SlidesLive records thousands of academic talks and conferences and stores them in the online library for public use. There are plenty of different video production companies that an event planner can hire to record their event; however, what makes SlidesLive different from the rest is their determination to educate people around the world on a range of topics, whether it be entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, information technology or anything else. The topics covered go on and on, and we want to make sure that information is never lost.

How does it work?

SlidesLive has adopted a specialized optical disc to ensure talks and conferences can be preserved for over 1000 years, longer than ever before. Plus, in the future, we plan to experiment with methods that will let us preserve recordings forever, one of them being 5D optical data storage. We care about the protection of knowledge, and that means we’re ready to take on the newest technologies to further our mission.

What’s next?

We’re going to take a deeper dive into all of the various features that SlidesLive’s new library will offer, so keep a lookout for more updates. The SlidesLive team wants you to take full advantage of our latest design, including player features, custom playlists and improved library sections and categories. In the meantime, take a look at SidesLive’s most recent release: our new homepage! Learn more here, or explore for yourself at!



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A video production company looking to create the Library of Alexandria of the 21st century. We’re recording worldwide, taking your events to the virtual level.