Preparing for the Future with SlidesLive’s New Library

The Virtual Library of Alexandria

One of SlidesLive’s well-known features is the online library where you can find tons of professionally recorded talks. This digital library functions as a safe virtual space for conferences and talks to live on, almost like a 21st century Library of Alexandria. SlidesLive’s company mission is to preserve recorded content for future generations, so we’re always looking to add to our library as well as increase our content’s lifespan.

What’s new?

But in order to upgrade this feature of the SlidesLive website, we wanted to understand what users thought should be improved first. That’s why the team adopted user-testing to plan out what needed to change in order to improve the library’s design for the future.

Eternal Vaulting

The SlidesLive team has also worked on vaulting, meaning that SlidesLive-recorded talks and presentations will be stored for longer than ever before in the digital library. Using a specialized hard drive, we’re able to ensure the safety of recordings for over 1000 years. While some content on the internet currently isn’t entirely secure for the future, SlidesLive’s library will function as its own safe digital vault to ensure that information stays available for as long as possible.



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A video production company looking to create the Library of Alexandria of the 21st century. We’re recording worldwide, taking your events to the virtual level.