Vlad Gogulinsky at SlidesLive: Adjusting to Uncertainty

3 min readFeb 22, 2021


As a new member of the SlidesLive team, Vlad Gogulinsky gives us the inside scoop regarding his time adjusting to the SlidesLive lifestyle. After joining in October 2020, Vlad realized that he would have to adjust not only to virtual event production, but to the SlidesLive technology.

“Not going to lie, I am still trying to fit in, as some aspects are completely new to me, even after 4 months,” Vlad says. “The learning curve is very steep with SlidesLive, which is quite difficult in the beginning, but pays off in the long run.”

Vlad has surpassed the learning hump and is now able to enjoy the view: his team adapting to uncertain times, pushing themselves to new heights. And he’s just as a part of that sight as the rest of his SlidesLive teammates. With one common goal — to create a virtual library of informational conferences and events — the SlidesLive team meshes into one entity, working together to achieve a new level of knowledge.

“What I love most is the ability to transform and adapt as a production manager, as a team, and as a company,” Vlad says. “COVID-19 struck us hard and mercilessly. This uncertainty creates strong motivation for me to work on myself and develop myself constantly in all ways.”

Finding the positives in the pandemic has been a goal for many, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to achieve. COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives. Luckily, SlidesLive embraces change. Even before the pandemic, SlidesLive has been working on ways to expand their event inventory. Because SlidesLive is always looking to improve, the team was prepared to deal with whatever challenges they were faced with.

“If you possess a wide range of knowledge as an individual or as a team, then the impact of uncertain times will be smaller,” Vlad says. “That’s why I believe that we, as SlidesLive, are constantly trying to push ourselves to our limits.”

Vlad fits in well with the flexible and adaptable SlidesLive team. That’s why, as a production manager, Vlad is always willing to change his strategy when helping his clients. He’s ready for whatever tasks are presented to him, and they often go beyond production.

“If the client is tech-savvy and the event is not very complex, then you can focus solely on event production and oversee all of the aspects of it,” Vlad says. “If the client is not very technical and wants to produce a complex event, that’s when I cover many more tasks other than production. In this case, the coverage can range from graphics and video editing to technical support, automation, and the creation of new processes. I also include experienced production managers for assistance at times.”

When a SlidesLive employee mentions the team, they’re talking about more than a group of coworkers. SlidesLive strives to maintain an open and democratic company culture where all team members, old and new, can make meaningful suggestions that help the company expand.

“Management is very open to suggestions, and I believe everyone has a voice,” Vlad says. “Usually, if we want to establish a certain new strategy and workflows, we democratically cast our votes and can voice our concerns if we disagree. This philosophy is something that I would love to see in more companies.”

With previous experience in the corporate world, Vlad was surprised by the SlidesLive atmosphere. The company is full of eager-to-learn team members, and Vlad fits right in.

“I come from a corporate environment, and never have I ever worked for such a dynamic start-up like SlidesLive,” Vlad says. “SlidesLive provides a perfect environment for fast-paced, progressive, dynamic, and ambitious people.”

Still, Vlad is looking forward to more in-person team meetings and events. There’s a ton left for Vlad to explore in the SlidesLive world, and he’s definitely ready for it.

“See you all soon at live events all around the world when the pandemic ends! Stay safe and strong.”

Vlad Gogulinsky, Production Manager at SlidesLive




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