Taking Pre-Recording to the Next Level: Recorder 3.0

2 min readAug 24, 2021


Over the past year, we’ve all had to learn how to come together without physically being in one place. For the event industry, the solution wasn’t all that simple. Virtual events afforded us the opportunity to unite online; however, speakers’ presentations and how they were recorded and shared had to be adjusted.

With thousands of speakers for larger academic conferences, relying on internet connection while livestreaming is a risk most organizers choose not to take. The SlidesLive Recorder is the solution.

What is the SlidesLive Recorder?

The SlidesLive Recorder aids speakers in recording their presentations for their upcoming conference. The tool is a browser-based recorder with a user-friendly interface that can be used by speakers remotely. Because speakers use this tool on their own, SlidesLive has put a lot of effort into making it easy to use. The current recorder is SlidesLive’s third version, and the team took a lot of time to optimize the system before releasing the newest tool.

How did the new tool come to fruition?

After receiving hundreds of feedback forms and asking questions about the user experience through in-depth interviews, SlidesLive was able to come to conclusions about what needed to be done to simplify the recorder from a speaker point of view. Moreover, SlidesLive’s production managers, who are in charge of sending recording instructions to speakers, offered valuable feedback for the team to use in creating the latest version of the recorder.

What’s new in Recorder 3.0?

The goal for Recorder 3.0 was to simplify the process of pre-recording while offering convenient features such as editing. After discovering that speakers most wanted the ability to pause and edit their talks, enabling them with this feature became the priority. The new tool would also allow speakers to record multiple versions of their presentations. Plus, a handy FAQ page was created for speakers to refer to while recording.

What’s next?

The SlidesLive team prides themselves on being up to date with the latest technology. We look forward to releasing our new library design with approved aesthetics and engagement rates as well as easier searching and categorization of presentations. SlidesLive pushes boundaries, and we need your feedback to do so. Contact hello@slideslive.com or visit our website for more information.




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