SlidesLive’s 3D Studio: Teleport to Your Next Event

What if you could bring your event to another location without even moving? SlidesLive’s 3D virtual studio allows you to do just that. Want your next event to take place in space? You got it. With SlidesLive’s new technology, your next event doesn’t have to be limited by the boundaries of a conference room or office.

What is the 3D virtual studio?

The 3D virtual studio allows your organization to take their event to the next level in terms of creativity and aesthetics. With help from SlidesLive’s 3D graphic designer, your company or organization comes up with a concept or big idea for the upcoming event that encompasses the company’s goals for the event and for the future. From this point, SlidesLive’s production team turns that concept into reality, taking your event to space or under the ocean or in front of a city skyline. There’s no limit to where you can go with the 3D virtual studio.

Once the concept is confirmed and the 3D world is created, it’s all about recording. SlidesLive has a 3D virtual studio located in Prague and New York; however, our clients are not limited by these locations. SlidesLive offers home kits with a small green screen and light that can be sent out to your organization at any location. Plus, pre-recording is always an option with SlidesLive. And our technicians are always there to help.

What are the benefits of a 3D world at SlidesLive?

Once the world is created, it’s yours to use for your upcoming event. But that doesn’t mean that your new world can’t be adjusted or changed. If you want to recreate it in any way or make additions or alterations, that’s completely doable. This means that your company or organization’s 3D world doesn’t have to stay the same forever, adding lasting value to your events or conferences.

Although the 3D virtual studio uses top-quality technology, the SlidesLive team handles it all. With technicians at your service and a production team ready to help, the 3D virtual studio doesn’t have to be a challenge. Any organization or company can utilize their 3D world without worrying about handling advanced technology.

What are some of the things you can do with the 3D world?

The 3D world can do more than just take your event to another location. With help from the SlidesLive 3D studio, your event can operate like a Hollywood movie; that means special effects, holograms and animation. Want the moderator of your event to make something appear with the shake of a hand? No problem. The 3D world can help enhance your next event, increasing audience engagement and professionalism through 3D models and interactive presentations. Events and conferences don’t always have to follow the same ordinary format everyone is used to. Upgrade your next event with the 3D virtual studio, and you’ll discover what the future of the event industry truly looks like.

What does the schedule look like?

In order to get started on creating your 3D world, the SlidesLive team needs to do some planning with your organization. First, the SlidesLive team will schedule a call to discuss your organization’s ideas. Within a few weeks, we’ll present the first drafts of your 3D world and discuss what adjustments need to be made.

Once the design is approved by the client, production will continue. The post-production process will begin after that, including sound mixing, editing and preparation for the live or pre-recorded event.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the 3D virtual studio, contact SlidesLive at There’s a ton to look forward to regarding the future of the event industry. Let SlidesLive help you start planning now.

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