SlidesLive: Why DNA?

2 min readAug 3, 2022

If you’ve visited our recently updated SlidesLive library, you may have noticed a new design floating around the website: a double helix, or DNA. For SlidesLive, the DNA logo symbolizes our company mission and reminds us of our values and what’s next to come in terms of our evolving storage technology.

What’s the meaning of our DNA design?

SlidesLive currently has around 80,000 recorded lectures and conferences of valuable knowledge that we wish to preserve for future generations. As we continue to grow and expand, we foresee there being millions of recorded talks and conferences. We need to store that data somewhere and make sure we store it long term so that it survives multiple generations. DNA storage technology is what we strive to use in the future to keep all of our recorded presentations safe for future generations.

While safe and secure storage may not be what most people think about when it comes to conference recording, SlidesLive is focused on finding the most reliable way to store our knowledge. That’s where the optical disk, DNA storage technology and 5D storage technology come into play.

What does SlidesLive use for storage now?

The optical disk is currently what we use and is very secure and reliable. We’re always experimenting with new, more advanced and more secure ways to store our data. In the future, we plan to use 5d optical storage technology.

Our team has a lot of knowledge on DNA storage technology and 5d storage and is always looking for new ways to enhance our current storage for the safety of our recordings.

Have questions? Email us at hello@slideslive or check out our blog.

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