SlidesLive Library: Categories for Limitless Learning

2 min readJun 8, 2022

SlidesLive’s new library is organized with our viewers’ best interests in mind. We want limitless learning to be simple, quick and intuitive. Interested in a range of topics and don’t know where to start? Take a peek at our new featured categories to help you decide where to click next!

The new library has 8 categories with descriptions of each underneath. Simply click the down arrow next to “Categories” to begin exploring! Once you find and click on the category you’re interested in, you’ll be brought to that page. From there, the subcategories will be listed in large font with the number of presentations in each. Click on your subcategory of interest for an even more refined search.

What are the categories?

Below is a list of the categories and their respective subcategories. Click on each heading to take a closer look on the SlidesLive website!

Arts, Design & Media

Architecture & Interior Design, Literature & Writing, Media, Music & Performing Arts, Visual Arts & Graphic Design

Business & Economics

Cryptocurrency, Economics & Finance, Leadership & Management, Marketing & Business Strategy

Computer Science & IT

AI & Data Science, App & Game Development, Computer Systems & Networks, Cybersecurity, Software & Programming, Web Development & UX/UI

Engineering & Technology

Aerospace Engineering, Biomedical & Chemical Engineering, Civil & Architectural Engineering, Electronics & Electrical Engineering, Energy & Power Engineering, Environmental & Agricultural Engineering, Innovative Technologies, Transport & Mechanical Engineering

Humanities & Social Sciences

Education & Teaching, History, Law & Politics, Linguistics & Philology, Philosophy, Psychology & Sociology, Religion & Beliefs

Medicine & Health

Cardiology & Nephrology, Complementary & Alternative Medicine, Gastroenterology & Nutrition, Health Conditions & Diagnosis, Neurology & Mental Health, Oncology & Endocrinology, Pharmacy & Pharmacology, Virology & Immunology

Natural & Formal Sciences

Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Geography & Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics

Self Development & Lifestyle

Esoteric & Alternative Practices, Family & Relationships, Fashion & Beauty, Food & Drinks, Leisure & Entertainment, Self Development, Sports & Fitness, Tourism & Travel

What’s next?

Have you found your favorite talks and conferences? Give them a thumbs up to vote for 1000 years of storage. SlidesLive’s new library uses DNA storage technology to ensure the preservation of knowledge. That means that SlidesLive recorded talks are secure for future generations. Want to learn more about upvoting talks? Check out our latest blog post!

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