SlidesLive Library: Build a Collection of Favorited Talks

2 min readAug 30, 2022


The new SlidesLive library has been constructed with the intellectually curious in mind. That’s why the SlidesLive team has provided users with the ability to favorite talks and build a collection tailored to their interests. Read on to learn how it works.

How to favorite a recording

Favoriting a recording or talk is simple for any user. First, find the recording you’re interested in. Click on the three little dots to the right of the title and then press “Add to favorites.”

Add as many videos as you’d like to your favorites. To view the collection of favorites, click the three small horizontal lines in the left hand corner near the SlidesLive logo. Then, click “My presentations.” Users will see a list of their favorite talks on this page.

Related features

Similarly, users can also add talks to their “Watch Later” list following the same steps. It’s also important to note that sharing a presentation with a friend or colleague is easier than ever on the new library page. Just click the same three dots next to the title and click “Share presentation.” The SlidesLive website will generate a link with a “Copy share link” option.

To share only part of a presentation, choose to either start a specific time in the video or a specific slide of the presentation using the “Start at time” or “Start a slide” feature. Sharing a presentation has never been easier!

About SlidesLive

We are a video production company dedicated to storing and sharing knowledge through our recorded talks and presentations available in our new online library. We’re recording worldwide, taking your events to the virtual, hybrid or in-person level. Visit us at or learn more about our technology through our blog.




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