SlidesLive & Eventee: The perfect power duo for boosting your audience engagement

About SlidesLive

We are a video production company dedicated to storing and sharing knowledge through our recorded talks and presentations available in our new online library. We’re recording worldwide, taking your events to the virtual, hybrid, or in-person level.

About Eventee

Eventee is a minimalistic yet powerful event management tool that includes an easy-to-use 4,8* mobile app, a web app, and a free no-code event homepage. Eventee is designed to help you effortlessly navigate event attendees, increase engagement, and enhance the overall event experience — no matter virtual, hybrid, or in-person event.

Event management tech stack

Event managers cannot go a long way without an efficient tech stack. Though it takes some time to build it, once you find the tools that work best for you and your team, planning and managing events become a lot easier. Check out these 13 free event management tools that are worth a try.

Project management and communication

  • These are the tools that help you stay on track with the pre-event and post-event tasks. They also help you keep your whole team aligned.

Marketing and sales

  • The right promotion strategy can skyrocket attendance at your event. Create buzz, increase value with partnerships, nurture the community spirit, and boost your ticket sales!

Event execution

  • Streaming or video-sharing services, presentation software…without these core tools that bring your content to your audience, your event could not be properly executed.

On-site event management and engagement

  • Whether in-person or virtual, a lot of things can go wrong on the day of your event. On-site management tools can help you cope with these unexpected situations. They can also make the coordination of attendees and team members more efficient. Add tools that enable engagement, and you get a proven recipe for attendee satisfaction.

Data and evaluation

  • Collecting data is crucial not only for the event evaluation but also for learning what your audiences care about the most. Knowing your audiences and their behavior can help you significantly improve your future events.

Live stream quality matters

When it comes to online videos, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most important factors is the quality of your live stream. This may seem like an obvious point, but many people don’t realize how important it is.

Going hybrid has never been easier

In the light of the pandemic, hybrid events are often referred to as the future of events. Since the majority of event managers are now familiar with both in-person and virtual experiences, events are just a step away from combining these two worlds together and becoming hybrid.

Create content that lasts forever

Recording live streams to offer replays or recycle the content you have already created is a common practice. With SlidesLive’s library, you can record your streams and store them all in one place. Easily share your content with anyone, whenever and wherever you need.

Bring virtual sessions to life

The virtual 3D studio is the place where any concept can become a reality. Take your event to a different place, whether it’s on top of a skyscraper, in the ocean, or in space. The sky is the limit!

Increase audience engagement with Eventee features

Embed SlidesLive streams and recordings in Eventee to increase engagement during sessions and boost the overall event experience.

Live questions

  • The option to ask live questions is one of the core features every event should have. With different tools, you can also come across a chat box or integration with Q&A tools, which are the common alternative options to this feature.
  • Eventee app users can contribute with their own questions or upvote questions that other attendees asked if they find them interesting. Questions with the most upvotes will then appear on top of the list.
  • As an administrator or a moderator, you can pin, archive, approve, disapprove, or present the questions.

Live polls

  • Polls are perfect for questions that don’t require detailed responses. Unlike surveys, you ask only one question at a time, and the results change instantly with each vote.
  • You can use live polls during a presentation to supplement your content with numbers that are relevant to your session attendees. Get their opinions in real time and present an insight into their choices compared to other attendees.

Live feedback

  • Your audiences’ opinions matter! Sending a survey after the event is something you should definitely do; however, allowing your audience to give you feedback immediately, moreover through their own mobile phone, can provide you with details and insights you might not receive if asked later.

Event agenda

  • You also want your attendees to engage with your content, meaning to consume it. To do that, they need to know where, when, and how they can access it. Here is where the event agenda comes into play.
  • A well-arranged agenda can help you navigate your attendees and even ensure that they never miss a session they would like to attend. They can simply add the session to their personal agendas and let the app remind them before the session starts.
  • Try to keep it clean and always up to date. Changes in the Eventee agenda are instantly visible to your attendees so you can reschedule sessions during the event if anything unexpected happens. In combination with the push notifications, you are able to effectively manage any situation.

Push notifications

  • The biggest benefit of a push notification is that it is hard to overlook since it appears right in front of your eyes.
  • Use push notifications to share updates, inform attendees about upcoming sessions, promote your sponsors and partners, or motivate attendees throughout the day.


  • People attending an event usually all have a keen interest in the event’s topic. This makes events perfect places to create valuable contacts that last. Networking is also one of the main reasons people attend events, so this is a feature you surely don’t want to miss.
  • Create interactive and fun networking sessions with Eventee. it works just like Tinder — swipe left to reject, swipe right to accept. This swipe-and-match system ensures that the interest is mutual. Once two attendees match, they can start a conversation, a video/audio call, or arrange meetings within the app.

Leverage the power of the community

An event community is beneficial for both the event organizer and the attendees.

Pave your road to success with data

Data provides you with insights into how well your marketing campaigns, and events in general, are performing. When it comes to collecting and evaluating event data, defining your key performance indicators (KPIs) first is vital. It gives you not only the base for post-event evaluation but also helps you to stay focused on your goals throughout the whole process of planning and executing the event.

Wrapping things up

SlidesLive is a video production company dedicated to storing and sharing knowledge through recorded talks and presentations. And with Eventee, we can accompany you way beyond just that…



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A video production company looking to create the Library of Alexandria of the 21st century. We’re recording worldwide, taking your events to the virtual level.