Hybrid Events: Integrating the Onsite and Remote Streaming Worlds

3 min readJul 22, 2021


As restrictions continue to be lifted and the pandemic begins to ease down, we’re all wondering how our lives are going to begin transitioning back to so-called normal. For the event industry, that means deciding whether to continue to go virtual, transition to hybrid, or leap to in person events.

Hybrid events function as a stepping stone back to in person conferences and events. Because there are virtual and in person speakers and audience members, hybrid events offer the best of both worlds. Do you have some speakers who are more comfortable remaining remote? No problem. But that doesn’t mean your organization can’t begin to take the next steps when it comes to in person events.

How does a hybrid event work?

  1. SlidesLive offers an onsite team and a remote team for your conference.
  2. While the onsite team covers what’s happening in person, the remote team handles all remote speakers.
  3. The remote team helps your organization connect your remote speakers with the in person team for a seamless streaming experience.
  4. All of your conference’s talks and sessions remain consecutive, and your hybrid event flows just as a virtual or in person conference would!

FAQ & Pro Tips

How do we seamlessly integrate in person and remote speakers?

  • Our team creates a custom screen layout to be displayed at hybrid events, presenting both onsite and remote speakers as if they were next to each other.

Can there be an on site audience as well as a remote audience?

  • Hybrid events offer a remote and in-person audience experience.

How do we ensure that the remote speakers are ready to present?

  • Remote speakers are ready to present after practicing dry runs with our remote tech team.
  • We offer onsite support for both the livestreaming and teleconference portion of your hybrid event.

Can the live stream be streamed to multiple platforms?

  • Your event can be livestreamed to multiple platforms.

How does SlidesLive get access to the speakers’ presentations beforehand?

  • Our team is able to capture and broadcast anything on a remote speaker’s screen with our unique software, including animation and video.
  • We also collect your speakers’ presentation files for backup purposes.

Who do we go to if we have issues/questions?

  • We assign a production manager who is ready to answer any questions related to your event.

Do we get recordings of the livestream after the event?

  • We record your event as it’s livestreamed, editing and delivering the content days later.

What if the remote speakers can’t speak live?

  • Remote speakers can be pre-recorded beforehand and broadcasted as if they were live.

How long after the conference will they get the edited content?

  • Edited content will be delivered 5–10 days after the event.

What if we want the edited content to be delivered immediately?

  • The live-streaming link remains active immediately post conference so that all content can be viewed right away.
  • If you’re looking for edited sessions, our express editing option ensures that content is delivered 12–24 hours after the last session of your event.

What do we need from the venue?

  • All you need from the venue is an ethernet cord.

How do we do a Q&A where people online and in person can seamlessly ask questions?

  • We have a moderator for the online chat box to keep the Q&A organized.
  • Certain chat box tools can be accessed by both your remote and onsite audience members on their mobile devices and desktops, bringing them together for your Q&A session.
  • We can display remote audience members on the onsite screen to ask their questions as if they were at the event.




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