How to Elevate Your Next Hybrid Event with Platform Integration

3 min readMay 17, 2022

It’s no secret that hybrid events have become a trend in the industry. With the risk that comes with large in person events and the lack of engagement that follows fully virtual ones, hybrid events seem like the perfect solution. However, it can be difficult to replicate the level of interaction attendees look forward to when it comes to in person conferences.

After two years of developing creative solutions to cope with the pandemic, the SlidesLive team has made a lot of progress with hybrid events. So, what’s the solution? We believe that it starts with platform integration.

What is Platform Integration?

Platform integration is just what it sounds like! It involves incorporating another platform — like Zoom, Eventee, Gather.Town, Hopin and more — into your hybrid event so that it runs smoothly with more interaction for attendees. SlidesLive is capable of integrating with mostly any platform of your choosing, so if you’d like Zoom breakout rooms or a chat box that comes with a different platform, we’ve got you covered.

Eventee is a platform used for in person, virtual or hybrid events. Features include live polls, match-based networking, sending posts, promoting partners and more. If your organization wanted to operate through Eventee, SlidesLive could use their platform to stream. The SlidesLive team has integrated with Eventee before, and the process was painless.

CEO of Eventee Roman Mastalir speaks on behalf of his team when it comes to integration with SlidesLive. “If I had to choose one word to describe our cooperation, I would say ‘painless,’” Mastalir said. “From the point of view of a partner who is choosing SlidesLive as a streaming platform for its event tool, I have to say that the integration was seamless and way easier compared to other tools.”

The Eventee team now uses SlidesLive streaming in their app as well.

“We are using SlidesLive not just as a web streaming tool but also in our native iOS and Android app,” Mastalir said. “Even though the stream is two times 16:9 ratio next to each other, we simply put them above each other on the mobile platform to deliver the best UX.”

Integration with SlidesLive is quick and easy for virtual and hybrid events, but when it comes to in person, it’s also convenient to have an in person crew ready for clients. SlidesLive has you covered.

“What I really like is that SlidesLive provides all-in-one service,” Mastalir said. “So when our customer asks for a tool or agency which can take care of the whole process of streaming — having a camera crew and all the things around — we can simply refer them to SlidesLive and be sure we’ve covered all the pain points of our clients.”

So whether you’re working in technology and looking to integrate your platform with a streaming service or you’re an event planner looking to organize the perfect conference with your favorite platform and live streaming technology, try out SlidesLive integration. We integrate your favorite tools with our technology for a seamless and professional experience.

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