Bao Vuong at SlidesLive: Love at First Slide

2 min readJul 29, 2020


Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can lead you to where you belong with who you belong. For Bao Vuong and SlidesLive, the idiomatic expression reigns true.

Before meeting SlidesLive and becoming a production manager, Bao cultivated his media related skills, enjoying his time at school and learning as much as he possibly could to shape himself into a valuable employee for his future employer.

“In my teenage years I enjoyed taking photographs, and later I chose a multimedia major,” Bao said. “I really enjoyed learning everything they taught us, which came in handy when I was looking for a part time job, because SlidesLive was hiring a video editor.”

Bao started as an editor, proving his dedication and commitment to the company. After gaining experience with SlidesLive, he worked his way up to Production Manager.

“This was my humble start with SlidesLive, and because I learned everything there was to learn about editing presentations, I could later teach others to do the same. And later I was taught how to work as a production manager.”

Shifting from a video editor to a production manager exposed new opportunities as well as new challenges for Bao. However, gaining responsibility allowed Bao to grow as a SlidesLive team member.

“It’s a very different kind of work, because you need to fill all the roles, and hire others to do what you don’t know how to do or can’t,” Bao said. “The production manager is the key contact for the clients and is responsible for delivering everything perfectly and on time. And there are many things that can go wrong.”

Bao must remain prepared at all times while on the job. If one aspect of production goes wrong, he must find a way to correct it. Still, there are many gratifying elements of his role as Production Manager.

“Although there are many responsibilities, one of the more enjoyable features of this job is traveling,” Bao said. “Since our clients host events globally, the production managers often need to fly on-site to oversee the operation. And sometimes it’s some really nice location. The best so far for me were Hong Kong, Singapore, and Seoul. And I will cherish those memories for a long time.”

Bao was well-prepared to work with a video production company after majoring in multimedia, yet he emphasizes SlidesLive’s openness to unfamiliarity. With a will to learn and some determination, any future employee can fulfill the needed role at SlidesLive.

“SlidesLive and I met each other at a perfect time; I was about to finish school with a skillset that gave me an advantage, but SlidesLive gives everybody a chance,” Bao said. “Anyone who is willing to self-educate and learn new skills can be very successful, and SlidesLive has taught me that.”

Bao Vuong, Production Manager at SlidesLive




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