The SlidesLive team prides themselves on pushing the boundaries of technology. We’re always looking to optimize our website and upgrade our features, which is why we’ve recently released version 3 of our browser-based recorder tool and a newly designed SlidesLive homepage. But there’s always something more in the works at SlidesLive.

The Virtual Library of Alexandria

One of SlidesLive’s well-known features is the online library where you can find tons of professionally recorded talks. This digital library functions as a safe virtual space for conferences and talks to live on, almost like a 21st century Library of Alexandria. …

Over the past year, we’ve all had to learn how to come together without physically being in one place. For the event industry, the solution wasn’t all that simple. Virtual events afforded us the opportunity to unite online; however, speakers’ presentations and how they were recorded and shared had to be adjusted.

With thousands of speakers for larger academic conferences, relying on internet connection while livestreaming is a risk most organizers choose not to take. The SlidesLive Recorder is the solution.

What is the SlidesLive Recorder?

The SlidesLive Recorder aids speakers in recording their presentations for their upcoming conference. The tool is a browser-based recorder…

At all stages of planning, SlidesLive is constantly working to improve the customer experience. That’s why we’ve created a new easy-to-use homepage. Have a question about one particular stage in the event planning process? No problem. With the new SlidesLive homepage, getting a tailored estimate is simpler than ever.

First, just click one or several of the services listed on the homepage.

In the image below, you can see a list of the services provided. Click on any of them to get started!

Next, type in your email and click “GET AN ESTIMATE.”

By typing in your email and clicking…

As restrictions continue to be lifted and the pandemic begins to ease down, we’re all wondering how our lives are going to begin transitioning back to so-called normal. For the event industry, that means deciding whether to continue to go virtual, transition to hybrid, or leap to in person events.

Hybrid events function as a stepping stone back to in person conferences and events. Because there are virtual and in person speakers and audience members, hybrid events offer the best of both worlds. Do you have some speakers who are more comfortable remaining remote? No problem. …

What if you could bring your event to another location without even moving? SlidesLive’s 3D virtual studio allows you to do just that. Want your next event to take place in space? You got it. With SlidesLive’s new technology, your next event doesn’t have to be limited by the boundaries of a conference room or office.

What is the 3D virtual studio?

The 3D virtual studio allows your organization to take their event to the next level in terms of creativity and aesthetics. With help from SlidesLive’s 3D graphic designer, your company or organization comes up with a concept or…

As editing supervisor at SlidesLive, Anastasia Kozitsyna understands what goes into the post-production process after a large conference or event. Anastasia has been in the audio and video industry since attending Czech Technical University in Prague and receiving her master’s degree in Audio/Video Technology and Signal Processing.

“I believe it’s my 5th year with SlidesLive already (since summer 2017)! Time flies,” Anastasia said. “When I first came to SlidesLive, we didn’t have our spacious and cozy office. I mean, our ‘office’ was just a tiny room in a student dormitory with a server hidden in a wardrobe.”

But things have…

With vaccinations rolling out and restrictions being lifted, it’s time to start thinking about the future of the event industry. Whether organizations decide to transition their events to the hybrid or in person level or remain fully online, there’s a lot to consider for the future of conferences. After over a year of almost all virtual events, SlidesLive is ready to bring back their recording and live streaming services for in person events when the right time comes.

How does in person recording work?

SlidesLive has a net of 600 local teams across the world ready to record. With teams…

After working with SlidesLive for nine months as a production manager, Martin Forman discusses his time adjusting to the workflow. However, Martin hasn’t always been involved in the video production industry. Spending much of his life as a floorball coach, Martin didn’t have much experience with production before SlidesLive.

“I have always been interested in organizing events besides coaching,” Martin said. “But recently I became more and more interested in movie making and I really wanted to get a closer look at the whole environment around cameras.”

Martin incorporated his passion for managing and organizing into his career and ended…

In the everchanging COVID-19 era, creativity is a must. So many aspects of our lives have changed since the start of the pandemic, which has forced us to come up with creative solutions to serious problems. In/Visible Talks, a conference for creative professionals that celebrates the art of design, has been a loyal customer of SlidesLive since 2018.

SlidesLive spoke with Arianna Orland, co-founder of In/Visible Talks, to learn more about the organization’s transition to virtual events and how SlidesLive has played a role in that adjustment. The organization’s mission is to bring people together to discuss the process, inspiration…

Adéla Kalčáková, production manager at SlidesLive, has always enjoyed organizing events and studying media. However, it wasn’t until she joined the SlidesLive team that she took her passions to the next level, translating them into a career in video production.

“I always enjoyed organizing events and while I was studying, I was part of some student projects (concerts, exhibitions etc.),” Adéla said. “I studied media but it was mainly theoretical. Almost everything I know about videography and streaming I learned with SlidesLive.”

Adéla has been working with SlidesLive since the summer of 2018. …


A video production company looking to create the Library of Alexandria of the 21st century. We’re recording worldwide, taking your events to the virtual level.

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