In the everchanging COVID-19 era, creativity is a must. So many aspects of our lives have changed since the start of the pandemic, which has forced us to come up with creative solutions to serious problems. In/Visible Talks, a conference for creative professionals that celebrates the art of design, has been a loyal customer of SlidesLive since 2018.

SlidesLive spoke with Arianna Orland, co-founder of In/Visible Talks, to learn more about the organization’s transition to virtual events and how SlidesLive has played a role in that adjustment. The organization’s mission is to bring people together to discuss the process, inspiration…

Adéla Kalčáková, production manager at SlidesLive, has always enjoyed organizing events and studying media. However, it wasn’t until she joined the SlidesLive team that she took her passions to the next level, translating them into a career in video production.

“I always enjoyed organizing events and while I was studying, I was part of some student projects (concerts, exhibitions etc.),” Adéla said. “I studied media but it was mainly theoretical. Almost everything I know about videography and streaming I learned with SlidesLive.”

Adéla has been working with SlidesLive since the summer of 2018. …

Before the pandemic affected the way organizers host events and conferences, SlidesLive had already developed a relationship with In/Visible Talks. Their annual conference seeks to celebrate the art of design with creative professionals. After partnering with SlidesLive for their very first event in 2018, In/Visible Talks has become a loyal customer.

SlidesLive spoke with Arianna Orland, co-founder of In/Visible Talks, to discuss how SlidesLive has developed over the years and how the partnership between the two has grown since the start of their partnership in 2018. …

Jan Fischer, Production Manager at SlidesLive, reveals his journey before joining the team as well as some of his favorite moments with the company since being hired in September 2019. With an interest in business and video, Jan saw his position at SlidesLive as the perfect opportunity to incorporate his passions into one career.

“The idea of working in a corporate environment and doing one thing that you specialize in filled me with dread and a lot of existential questions,” Jan admits. “And I was very interested in filming and video. …

As a new member of the SlidesLive team, Vlad Gogulinsky gives us the inside scoop regarding his time adjusting to the SlidesLive lifestyle. After joining in October 2020, Vlad realized that he would have to adjust not only to virtual event production, but to the SlidesLive technology.

“Not going to lie, I am still trying to fit in, as some aspects are completely new to me, even after 4 months,” Vlad says. “The learning curve is very steep with SlidesLive, which is quite difficult in the beginning, but pays off in the long run.”

Vlad has surpassed the learning hump…

Coordinating workshops and tutorials within a larger virtual event space requires an eye for detail. Maybe even more than just one pair of eyes, too. With several parallel virtual rooms or breakout sessions, conference planners must remain organized and on task.

Workshops are meant to be collaborative and informative. However, the virtual atmosphere that events are currently taking place in presents challenges for event planners. Organizers can’t physically organize participants into interactive rooms. They must rely on technology and virtual event platforms. And even then, how can organizers ensure collaboration?

With help from SlidesLive, your event will be capable of…

Large numbers of speakers plus an overload of information equals high levels of stress for any event planner. Academic events often contain paper and poster sessions where high numbers of speakers present their work. In the virtual world, organizing and gathering this information can be difficult to coordinate. In order for your next academic event to run smoothly, it’s best to automate the process. And SlidesLive does just that.

Step 1: You send us a spreadsheet with your speakers.

A spreadsheet that includes the names of all paper authors, their titles, and their contact information must be sent to us…

Engagement during a virtual event requires effort. And tons of it. Pre-recordings in preparation for a virtual event can relieve unneeded stress, allowing you to reallocate your energy towards satisfying your attendees. With lots of pre-recorded content, a virtual event becomes seamless, organized, and professional.

Benefits of Pre-Recordings

  • Timing is under your control. Eliminate the stress of going over time limits.
  • Pre-recorded content can be edited, allowing for better graphics and a more professional visual experience.
  • Speakers can gain the technological help they need from crew members who are here to help them through the process.
  • Obtain a plethora of…

Tijl De Bie, researcher at Ghent University in Belgium, hosted the European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD) 2020 Conference. After working with SlidesLive, he’s here to offer some insight on going virtual.

ECML-PKDD is the premier European machine learning and data mining conference. The conference builds upon over 18 years of successful events and conferences held across Europe. As part of such a large history of events, Tijl discusses favorite components of a virtual event with SlidesLive as well as some of his concerns throughout.

“My favorite features include the interface that…

Andrea Brown, member of the Organizing Team for the International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR), spoke to SlidesLive about her event planning experiences over the past few years.

ICLR presents and publishes research involving artificial intelligence, statistics, and data science. The conference gathers professionals with the goal of advancing representation learning, a branch of artificial intelligence. The conference is one of the largest in its field, with around 2700 attendees in 2019.

“SlidesLive contacted us in 2018/2019 when we were just deciding to add live online presentations to our program for attendees that were unable to attend the conference for…


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